Focal Therapeutics

Focal Therapeutics

The most valuable aspect of Microrite’s services is that they believe in teaching clients the how and why. They didn’t simply hand over document templates to be released in our own quality system; they encouraged revisions and offered their own knowledge and experience so that we could learn about the process.

– Quality Assurance 
Focal Therapeutics.


Microrite consultants are Top-Tier. Their knowledge base of Microbiology and Quality are outstanding. They are focused on providing exceptional consultation services and training. Associates at Microrite stay current on the changing world of FDA/EU Regulations in order to provide the most up-to-date assessment of your internal systems.

– Sr. Supervisor Warehousing and Logistics
Abbott – (formerly Thoratec, Inc.).


I brought in Microrite, Inc. when I was with J&J where I oversaw the tech transfer/scale up activities of a macromolecule aseptic pilot plant. The plant was one of a kind and built to bring implantable drug delivery technology to market, it utilized a sophisticated isolation technology process that the consultant from Microrite orchestrated much of. Specifically they helped in the areas of Quality Systems, Microbiology, and Media Fills. They are extremely experienced and knowledgeable in areas of Quality Assurance and Microbiology but more impressive is their ability to lead numerous cross functional groups effectively.

– Marketing Operations and Portfolio Business Manager

Morphotek Inc.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ziva and Microrite for many years and several courses.  I’ve attended Intensive Training in Contamination Monitoring and Control, Fungal Identifications and Microbial Contamination Investigations, to name a few.  Ziva’s training differs from other training I’ve attended.  Ziva doesn’t generalize or stand there and recite the regs.  She uses real life examples, based on real life experience and regulatory guidance.  She helps relate her topics to what we’re doing, what’s current in the industry and what’s changing. She’s passionate, animated and engaging in her delivery.  Her training material is current and relevant to our industry and quickly becomes a reference manual.

– Sr. Manager, Microbiology
Morphotek Inc.

Charity Ogunsanya

Ziva, I am a Microbiologist and have been a fan of yours and will continue to be one due to the high level of respect that I have for your knowledge and integrity in the field of Microbiology. Your knowledge, experience, dedication, tutoring, and passion as a seasoned Microbiologist is unparallel and have shown in the quality of your seminars and lectures that I have attended.

Your seminars have helped built in me a very strong knowledge base in contamination control, environmental monitoring, disinfection, cleanroom design amongst others which has greatly helped me in my career advancement. I have and will continue to send my employees to your seminars and highly recommend your classes for Microbiologist and Non-Microbiologist alike.

– Charity Ogunsanya / Quality Systems / Microbiology Manager / Abbot Vascular