On-site Clean Room Microbiology and contamination control seminar plus Disinfectant Qualification Consulting

In 2006, we started a major upgrade to one of our 3M manufacturing operations that included a large multiple controlled environment facility design. We needed to establish a disinfectant qualification program for this new facility and needed expert help for training in the use, maintenance, sanitizing and monitoring of this new operation.

We hired Microrite for consulting services to guide us through the disinfectant qualification program. Ziva was instrumental in leading us to an understanding of the influence of various disinfectants on our cleanroom surfaces. With her help, we successfully completed this disinfectant qualification and applied this knowledge to our new cleaning program for this new facility. Qualifying appropriate disinfectants was the first step in developing an overall strategy for our new facility. In addition, we needed training from an expert to teach us the proper methods for cleaning, maintaining and monitoring our new area.

In early 2007, we brought Ziva to our manufacturing plant for two days of intensive training of our production workers, cleaning personnel, maintenance staff, supervisors, managers, technical support people and our Microbiologists. This two day course was broken down into several phases. First there was classroom training were we learned how clean operations work and why we need to clean, maintain and monitor them. In the next portion, Ziva lead the technical staff through a comprehensive review of the new facility. This included the work flow, the air handling system, an environmental monitoring protocol, critical control point’s assessment plus a strategy for effective cleaning procedures that would minimize the risk of contamination and maximize the cleaning efforts. The final phase of the course included hands-on cleanroom cleaning methods training with the cleaning staff. The supervisory staff and the technical and microbiology support staff were directly involved in this hands-on training phase.

Ziva was a significant contributor to the successful implementation and on-going operational excellence of our new controlled environment facility. Her contributions were very well received by 3M. Ziva has a unique way of impressing, energizing and leading people at all levels to a clear un