Mold Contamination Do’s and Don’ts

Often the risk of mold contamination is not addressed until contamination has happened! 

Understanding where mold gets into your facility; how mold can grow in the facility and in process materials can assist a company to comprehend possible mold contamination of the product. 

Managing mold contamination thoroughly is an imperative process for any healthcare and life science related industry. All mold cannot be put in the same basket as they do not behave or propagate the same way, nor react to disinfectants in the same manner. 

Often mold contamination leads to major facility and process design changes after it has made its presence known in the cleanroom in large quantities or has ended up in the product. 

This course will save unnecessary facility remediation by identifying the root cause of contamination thru helping you understand if you are creating Biotic and Abiotic factors for mold to grow! 

Which industries does this webinar apply to? 

Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Device, Cosmetics, and In Vitro Diagnostics 

Additionally, companies that use refrigeration as a storage method, or those who use wood pallets or other cellulose based materials will greatly benefit from this webinar. 

Who will benefit? 

Quality Assurance, Quality Control Microbiologists, Facilities, Manufacturing Managers, Materials Management, and other life science professionals and related vendors. 

Time of event 

8:00am to 10:00am PST 

11:00am to 1:00Pm EST